PPC Management Services

Drive Right Traffic & Close Quality Leads

Result driven, fast and effective method of attracting quality leads/traffic to your website with our firm’s brand centric strategy that comes with a blend of seamless optimization & comprehensive reporting.

What do performance hackers PPC management services include?

The performance hackers PPC management services are spread across USA, UAE and India. With clients having multiple goals, our PPC management services have always been customer centric, understanding their primary goals and maximising the performance & return of investment.

Tailored Campaign strategy

Our team of experts develop a tailored strategy for PPC campaigns that partners perfectly with your business goals, target audience and available budget. Our services also classify between platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Social media platforms, that are most suitable for achieving your business goals.

Optimisation of the Landing Page

Our team dedicatedly focusses on optimising the landing pages that the audience gets directed after clicking on the ads. We plan & design the landing page in such a way that they are designed for conversions with clear convincing content, user-friendly layouts and compelling CTA. We rely on the A/B testing to determine the most effective landing page elements.

Keyword Research

In order to run a successful ad campaign, our team conducts extensive keyword research to identify relevant & high performing keywords that can lead to a successful ad campaign. We analyse multiple metrics such as search volume, competition, keyword relevance etc to ensure that the ads are displayed to the right audience.

Ad creation & optimization

Our team of advisors create compelling ad copies and eye catching visuals that attract clicks & generate conversions. We continuously monitor and optimise the ads to improve the click through rate(CTR) and conversion rates. It can involve testing titles, descriptions, headlines and call to actions.

Bid Management

The expert team of performance hackers monitoring & managing the bidding strategies that ensures optimal ad placement & budget allocation. We analyse various factors such as keyword performance, competition & budget allotted for the campaign, user behaviour and ROI.

Tracking & Analytics

Our team of experts implement tracking mechanisms and set up conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of the PPC campaign. We rely on high graded tools like analytics and multiple PPC tracking analytics platforms to analyse the data & generate reports. This enables our team to gain insights into campaign performance,user-behaviour & ROI.

Continuous Optimization

Our team of PPC experts at performance hackers,continuously analyze the campaign data, identify the loopholes and implement the optimization strategies. Our team ensures to stay up-to-date with the industry trends & changes in algorithms that help in adapting the campaigns accordingly. This can ensure adjusting keywords, ad targeting, landing page elements and other campaign parameters for an enhanced performance of the ad.

Reporting & Communication

Our team of PPC professionals at performance hackers provide regular reports & updates to the clients, highlighting the key performance metrics, campaign progress and insights. We maintain an open communication channel with the clients, for addressing concerns, discussing strategies and providing recommendations for campaign improvements.


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PPC Company that provides Curated tailor-made Packages for high-action-oriented Landing Page designs, PPC campaign management services, and remarketing your unique content for better ROIs. With extensive experience   in e-commerce, automobiles, real estate, software, and small businesses


The professional team at performance hackers has worked on diverse ppc management projects across the globe and is well-versed in all types of paid advertising. We are a renowned leading PPC agency with strategic Paid Social Media Marketers, Google Ads and Bing Ads certified professional teams, and we comprehend your business objectives, whether they are lead generation or brand recognition campaigns.


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Shiva Shankar Founder & CEO of PS Infotel

Their exceptional customer service and attention to the specific demands of our company demonstrate their devotion and passion for what they do. They ace performance Not just by name but also with results.

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Selvan Srinivasan Chairman and Chief Mentor at PFP Psychological Services Pvt Ltd

I'm impressed by the amount of effort they put into each campaign. "They've done an excellent job of managing our expectations and accommodating our changing needs and objectives."

Akash Founder & CEO of Greenhub Interiors

We are extremely pleased with the professionalism and promising results ! Business digitally with them has been extremely helpful, using their experience to drown out the distractions and chart a clear path to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Khizar Pasha Founder & CEO at Image Decors

Professional and organised in their collaboration on the joint development of our campaign's SEO and SEM strategy.  "Providing updates and delivering project deliverables on time are highlights."

Akhil Regional manager at Maruti Suzuki ( Sagar Automobiles )

Simple and effective solutions to our requirements. execution of plans with noticeable growth in local footfalls and enquiry leads, enhancing presence digitally.


All advertising efforts used to generate visibility in search engine results in order to boost income are referred to as search engine marketing.

You will also improve your brand awareness and visibility to help increase your online attendance. In turn, this leads to online leads and sales.

The advertising space is not fixed. Every time an ad is displayed, millions of calculations are performed in a real-time auction. Optimising it means that your campaigns will continue to grow and improve. We will do it for you in a right way, contact us

Contacting Performance Hackers is the simplest method to get started with your search engine marketing efforts. If you prefer to do things yourself or would need more information before proceeding, we recommend speaking with one of our specialists to get the best results.

They are a zero cost addition to any paid search campaign that’s been shown to boost your ad’s click-through rate and quality score, increasing your chances of appearing at the top of search results.

Both are equally significant. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) both attempt to improve your brand’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), allowing you to develop your business online.